Tourism in North Carolina Growing


Commerce information for the State of North Carolina was finally released for the year of 2013, and the numbers for tourism have jumped up all over the state. More and more people are not only coming to the Tar Heel State, but spending increasing amounts of money across the state. This proves that North Carolina is still one of the better places to spend a vacation in. Although it isn’t talked about as much as Hawaii or Tahiti, North Carolina does possess a level of atmosphere or cultural draw that you just can’t find in many other places.

It’s not a surprise to the commerce department to discover this information though as they spent quite some money on trying to draw tourism during 2013 and it looks like it had actually paid off. Although they hadn’t increased any of the spending from previous years, they still did see over a 5% increase in tourism and money brought in with those tourists.

To put the entire information in better terms what North Carolina gained from the tourism alone, there was almost 200,000 jobs and 4.6 Billion dollars in payroll income that was generated just last year. That includes areas like the Hanna House Gourmet Bed and Breakfast, which relies almost entirely on tourism for jobs and money.

If it wasn’t for the people that constantly visited the state to enjoy all that it has to offer than places like our B&B couldn’t even exist. That just goes to show just how much tourism can and does affect the everyday lives of people anywhere in the United States, not just North Carolina. Hopefully armed with this knowledge North Carolina plans to do what it can to try and bring even more people in to see the true beauty of the state.



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