The Classy, Colonial Atmosphere of Hanna House

400668_10152197889351928_1083447703_nOne of the things we hear from people who have tried bed & breakfasts in the past and aren’t keen on repeating the experience is that they stayed in some pretty low-quality accommodations. The phrase “bed & breakfast” typically denotes a quaint, idyllic getaway in the countryside, full of homemade comforts. When a couple walks into a home littered with tacky dollar store items and store-bought muffins, it misses a lot of the atmosphere, which these guests were expecting.

Our visitors to the Hanna House Bed & Breakfast here in New Bern NC, know that we’re anything but tacky and garish. The colonial atmosphere of the historic town center is another major draw that establishes our great setting. We work hard to get the message out about the quality of our accommodations, and what you should come to expect from a professional bed & breakfast lodging.

Across the country, there are plenty of great examples of lodgings and overnight accommodations under the “bed & breakfast” category that break the mold many have come to expect. We like to think that we do that here at the Hanna House, but we’d love to share some incredible sights from other B&B’s around the country with our readers today.

For example, check out this article published by Food & Wine, full of interesting bed & breakfasts that will leave guests with many pleasant memories. Although they’re not low-budget options, these locations are great for a quick getaway with a loved one.

Take a quick look at the $150/night Beltrane Ranch in Glen Ellen CA. Not only do guests eat food made with eggs, olive oil and grass-fed beef produced directly on-site, the lodging’s wrap-around porch and private cottage are major draws for guests. Although California seems to enjoy an inordinate amount of fantastic B&B’s, judging from this list, these certainly are some of the most intriguing lodging accommodations in the country.

Take a trip back in time with a quick stay at the Hanna House Bed & Breakfast. Once you’re here, you’ll wonder what took you so long to visit. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our facility if you want to call today.


Hanna House Bed & Breakfast
218 Pollock Street New BernNC28560 USA 
 • 252-635-3209

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